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Our mission is, to make the world a better place for people and pets. Our insect pet food is unique and fully nutritious and well designed for every cat and dog.

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Henart manufactures and imports snacks for dogs and cats. We supply mainly to wholesalers and distributors and set strict requirements for our products.
The best nutrition for every animal – at HenArt we set the bar high. In everything we do.

Healthier four-legged friends & more sustainable pet food 24 million dogs and cats live in German households. That’s 24 million opportunities every day that we want to use to save valuable resources and protect the environment with healthy food.


Premium food and snacks for cats and dogs

Snacks for dogs and cats must be nutritious. Full of flavor. As pure as possible, and honest too. So we work hard at that, every day.
We know that our customers expect the same from a product as we do. So we’re always looking ahead. We are keen on the latest trends when it comes to food for dogs and cats. And we are always looking for the latest applications.

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How do we do that?

Sustainable insect protein from mealworms. Your contribution to climate protection with feed made from mealworms instead of conventional livestock farming per 1kg of protein:

  • 25 times less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 20 times less water consumption
  • 44 times less space consumption

Find out more about the benefits of insect protein here.

Medically approved food for happy kitties & doggos.
Half of all foods on the market contain too few vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins and can cause intolerances. We are changing that:

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers & easy to digest
  • High protein content & complete amino acid profile
  • Rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Only natural ingredients & no grains or other additives
  • Developed with vets and medically tested in more than 20 studies

Find out what else makes our food so healthy here.

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Million dogs and cats live in households. That are million of opportunities every day that we want to use to save valuable resources and protect the environment with healthy food.

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