Sustainable Cat Insect Food

HenArt Pro Life Science® INSECT, complete food for adult, senior and young dogs, 100% natural ingredients, Cerean-free and hypoallergen with HenArt Eggshell Membrane® and 100% insect protein as the only animal protein.

The Highest Quality Products for Cats

HenArt® Green Petfood Super Premium dog food, Grain Free, 100% natural ingredients with HenArt Eggshell Membrane® and Insect Protein (mealworm) as the only Animal Protein in our cat food.

This high quality complete dog food is “state of the Art” with eco-friendly ingredients by using high quality and nutritious insect protein (mealworm); highly digestible and sustainable form of protein for significant “footprint reduction”.

Better for dogs and the planet!

HenArt Green Petfood
cat insect food

Insectfood for Cats

HenArt Pro-Life Science® offers natural, grain-free, and hypoallergenic green pet food made from mealworms. They are the only supplier to use superior mealworm protein in both their dog and cat food.

The mealworm protein has higher nutritional values and is better adapted to the nutritional needs of cats compared to Black Soldier Larve Fly Insect (BSFL). Additionally, research has shown that the consumer prefers mealworm over other insect products due to its higher acceptance and neutral odor.

Better for cats and the planet!

Nutritional supplements for cats

This is a high-quality dietary supplement designed specifically for cats. It is formulated to promote healthy skin and fur, boost the immune system, and provide strong bones and joints to promote mobility.
The supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to maintain healthy gut and digestive functions. With regular use, this supplement will keep your furry friend in top condition, making them feel and look their best.

Food supplements cats

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