Why Insects?

Insects are our chance for a more
sustainable diet for climate protection.


With proteins and fats from insects, dogs, cats and all masters & mistresses can effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

Insects may not be as cute as their bigger, furry friends from the farm – but unlike conventional livestock, Henart insects are bred without harmful substances such as antibiotics or growth hormones.

They come from insect farms that are 100% livestock-free! There are also no hidden animal fats or derivatives in the feed.


Insects are better for climate protection

Up to 25 times less greenhouse gas emissions are produced when breeding and keeping insects, in contrast to conventional livestock farming.

Insects consume less space

44 times more space is needed for 5kg of protein from cattle – 23m2 for insects, 1,000m2 for cattle. Our mealworms are kept in modern farms with plenty of upward space.

Insects are fed with
food remains

Insects enable zero-waste feeding and eat, among other things, flour residues from large production plants, while conventional livestock farming, for example, involves the extra cultivation of soy plants that are harmful to the environment and the rainforest.
Food waste is a big problem. The insects in Henart Futter feed exclusively on surplus fruit and vegetables from local sources – an insect superfood that would otherwise be thrown away. And all the by-products of raising and processing the insects are used as raw materials by other industries – meaning Henart insects waste even less.

Insect breeding saves a lot of water

Land maintenance and animal feeding require more than 500,000 litres of water per 5kg of protein for cattle, and more than 150,000 litres for poultry.
Insects only need about 25,000 litres, which is up to 20 times more economical.

How do we do that?

Sustainable insect protein from mealworms. Your contribution to climate protection with feed made from mealworms instead of conventional livestock farming per 1kg of protein:

  • 25 times less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 20 times less water consumption
  • 44 times less space consumption

Find out more about the benefits of insect protein here.

Medically approved food for happy kitties & doggos.
Half of all foods on the market contain too few vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins and can cause intolerances. We are changing that:

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers & easy to digest
  • High protein content & complete amino acid profile
  • Rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids
  • Only natural ingredients & no grains or other additives
  • Developed with vets and medically tested in more than 20 studies

Find out what else makes our food so healthy here.

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